“My girlfriend is so lovey that I can’t help
feeling sorry for all her ex-boyfriends. I’m sure
they must spend all their time thinking about
her and wondering what she could be up to. So
every month I send them a bulletin detailing all
the pretty things she has said and done.
Sometimes I enclose a discarded pair of tights,
or the stub of an eyebrow pencil. I feel I should
do everything I can to make up for them
having lost a girl with such soft, brown hair,
and whose feet are so small you can hardly
see them.”

Bijuteria pe care ati citit-o este una dintre cele 101 de mini-povesti din cartea “Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories” a lui Dan Rhodes. N-am mai citit demult o carte atat de simpla si minunata.

Cei de la The Guardian au descris-o ca “A gleaming box of jazzy miniatures. Exquisitely funny.” Mie mi se pare ca e ca o cutie cu bomboane de ciocolata, in care, vorba lui Forrest Gump, nu stii niciodata ce gasesti. Unele povestiri m-au facut sa rad in hohote, altele sa ma intristez, cateva sa ma revolt sau sa ma incrunt.Daca v-a placut cea numita “Bulletin”, (fiecare litera a alfabetului are una sau mai multe mini-povesti) o sa va mai citesc saptamana asta si altele. 🙂