Dear 2007,

Where have you gone? I tried to search you on the 31st, at , among all those people and all that fuss, but it seems you ran away. I guess your evil twin, 2008, took your place. But don’t worry little friend, I’m going to sabotage him. There will be no one to take your place in my heart, 2007, no one, I swear.

Miss you already, 2007. I know now that I took you for granted, could you ever forgive me? The time I spent with you was the best in my life. We did so many things for the first time when we were together: first flight, first job, first pet, first article in a newspaper, first resignation, first contact lenses, first hair dye, first article in a magazine, first second date, first script, first laptop bought out of my own money, first…well half a dozen other firsts.

Now I know that I should find a place for 2008 in my heart, just as I did for you, but will it ever be the same? 2008 brings along an uninvited friend, the unwanted 22, which honestly, I’d rather skip. As you know, I literally adored 21, he was so joyfull, so amazing, so full of new plans and ideas. As for the unwanted 22, it’s like I’d be 60 or something; I’ll start buying a rocking chair and wool to knit – the unwanted 22 seems like a good age to retire.

I do trust you, 2007. When you left, you promised 2008 will be just as good a friend to me as you were, just as full of firsts and of crazy plans.

I just hope I won’t end up like James Blunt in his “1973” video, wandering empty streets, having flashbacks of how happy I was in 2007. Actually, it would be so typical of me. 🙂

Yours nostalgically always truthful and loving,