Hi Inozza,

I’m not very sure why, but I enjoy -and prefer- writing in English rather than in Romanian. And this was no exception. When you first told us you’re gonna publish your reader stories I was like ‘Damn, I have no worth mentioning story’; but after this happened to me, I thought that this might fit among the Inozzistic pages of your blog. Or not! Anyway, if you think this is somehow publishible, go ahead and do it. 🙂 If not, no problem, I still had a huge smile on my face while writing it…

I know this will sound very silly and a bit childish, but I’m a huge fun of Inozza. And turns out I’m not the only… I’ve discovered Inozza a few years ago and I felt in love with her writing style. I don’t comment very often on your posts, and I don’t always use the same name, as I’m aware there is more than one Alina out there… But when I can’t stop, I do sometimes comment with Alina or Alina P (though for a year now I have changed my name).

Now, I must admit I’m a bit ignorant regarding contemporary Romanian literature, but I strongly believe that Inozza might make a little history if she would decide to take this step further and write a book. Why not?! She has what it takes, as she’s funny in this sweet way, despite the fact that she lives in a superficial environment, she’s still aware of the real values in life, she has a nice sense of auto-irony, she could see the hidden side of  things, read between the lines and, most important, her writing stile is very charming and catchy. She sometimes produces these deep posts that makes you wonder why is she somehow wasting her talent… I really hope that writing a book is the secret project she’s working on…

Beside her writing, I also like Inozza as a person. Of course, unfortunately I never had the chance to meet you; this damn 400 kms could be a tricky barrier to doing things you’d like to. Not to mention that maybe it might be weird for you to meet, out of the blue, a stranger. When you abandoned writing, some time ago, I wanted to write you email to convince you to write again, because I really missed your posts. But I never had the guts to do it. I’m glad though that there are people much more courageus than me who did it! The only time I wrote you an email was some years ago, when your blog became private, so I needed your permission to do it. 🙂 But, after reading a comment from the august 2007 post “Nu vi se intampla?…”, I decided to -finally- write to you. It’s never too late to tell someone that she’s a wonderful person and she manages to change your days  from gray into some acceptable green…

I think that maybe, if I didn’t have a huge amount of clothes to iron, I could write you forever. Christmas would catch you still reading my email. Fortunately for you, I’ll stop now. I feel that I didn’t tell you all I wanted to, so maybe I’ll write to you again. I hope you’re not thinking ‘For God’s sake, she said she’ll stop now’

Bye Inozza,

Alina este una dintre cititoarele care prefera sa ramana in umbra si-mi lasa foarte rar (spre deloc) comentarii. Acum, insa, a promis ca-mi va scrie mai des. 🙂